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Premier Lifestyle has joined together with Addax Petroleum Nigeria in order to give something back to Nigeria

Vision for Addax Rugby in Nigeria

Give a voice to the children of the Nigeria on and off the field
spacer   spacer ADDAX Rugby Mission Statement for the Nigeria

Rugby is fast being established in areas of the world where marginalised young people of limited resources and raw talent are given a voice both on - and off - the field. The dream is to establish a blue-print rugby model of excellence in the nine states of Nigeria in order to give boys and girls the excitement of developing their characters as disciplined team members.

Through rugby disadvantaged young people are given new hope and a real choice to escape from the poverty trap of unemployment, drugs, violence and HIV/AIDS.

Addax Nigeria Rugby project is founded on the principles of Christian fair play and justice. It is uplifted by prayer and is totally welcoming and inclusive of Christians, Churches, Muslims, Mosques, communities, schools, universities and all persuasions who are prepared to support the noble game of rugby.

Addax shares the vision of the Government whose aspirations are to transform Nigeria into an economically prosperous, socially stable, ecologically regenerative and politically peaceful region which thrives on self-dependency and sustainable growth for future generations.


Roslyn Park 7s

On the playing front, we have been coaching over a hundred newcomers to the game since our inception in October 2007. UK Rugby Charity Touraid sponsored an ADDAX under-13 side to visit the Roslyn Park Sevens in the UK from 6-12 March 2008.

For many of the kids it was their first time out of Nigeria and their first experience of cold weather! They preformed admirably and narrowly lost to the defending champions. The rest of the games were called off, due to poor weather but the kids acquitted themselves well. The competition showed how far they had come in a short space of time.


Our strategy was formulated to provide young people from families of limited means the aspiration to enjoy and participate in the great game of rugby. We aim to provide both boys and girls not only with opportunities to play rugby, in which their playing abilities can be developed, but where they will be encouraged to become successful young leaders within their communities and in service of their country.

Working from the bottom up seems the most beneficial way of achieving our objective of rugby sport development within the Nigeria.

To this end, we endeavour to work through existing institutions in both private and public sectors. We intend to introduce rugby into the states, villages, communities, schools and universities with in Nigeria in liaison with the Nigerian Rugby Football Union and the State Government.

We believe this is the best way to achieve our objective and we work closely with the State Ministries of Education, Aids Charities and Health Welfare, Youth and Sports Development, the Zonal Education Boards, the local Governments as well as members of the organized private sector and Parents.

We intend to spread across the State with a view to having an even distribution and participation of both male and females. We shall organize and institute a trainers’ workshop, which shall facilitate rugby and referring coaching.


We establish training programmes and workshops for coaches and referees.

Our training programme intends to build local government areas into rugby clubs and test run round-robin 7–a-side competitions, then slowly develop the localities to standard 15s teams.

We also promote Health Education Programmes to tackle the problem of HIV/AIDS working closely with HIV/AIDS Rural Health Unit, Department of Family Medicine (General Practice) University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Nigeria. These provide resources for: voluntary confidential counselling and HIV testing; preventive measures against the spread of HIV/AIDs control (through abstinence, faithfulness to uninfected partner and practice of safe sex using a condom). Those infected with HIV/AIDS receive compassionate and comprehensive treatment.



  • The Federal Republic of Nigeria is among the 15 poorest countries in the world with a population of 123 million where 70% live below the poverty line.
  • It is estimated that approximately 70 million Nigerians earn less than 1US dollar a day, the majority of whom are women.
  • Around 1 in 5 Nigerian children (20% of the population) dies before the age of five. Many of them die from vaccine preventable diseases.
  • 38% of kids under 5 years old are chronically malnourished.
  • Life expectancy in Nigeria is only 44 years.
  • More than 15 million Nigerian children work.
  • Years of oil exploration with frequent oil spillages have led to severe environmental degradation and destruction of farmlands, aquatic flora and fauna.
  • Only 30% of the population have access to safe water.
  • Estimated that 3.5 million adults and children living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Estimated in 2002 that 1 million children lost one or both parents and were living as orphans.


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